Okey…maybe we’re getting a bit carried away, but you can’t imagine how excited we are about this new project. We’ve done a few WOW ones before, but this is on another level.

We’d planned to give you a long speech, full of metaphors and artistic references, but then our marketing team saw on a social network that some guy called Confucius once said “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand”, so how about if we let you discover it for yourself and then you can tell us all about it?

We promise you one thing:


Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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It’s very unique, something that you won’t forget, you can relax watching the projection and the children will love it. Right in the heart of Gran Vía in Madrid. 100% recommended.

Montse, Madrid

A very original place. We really like immersive exhibitions and it was great to experience one in Madrid. Plus, the extra activities they have: virtual reality glasses, painting on the walls, etc., are amazing and make the visit more enjoyable. Very friendly and nice staff. Looking forward to seeing the next exhibition!

Iván, Madrid

We loved it! You sit in a large room with many bean bags and relax while watching a great audiovisual experience that tells you the artist’s story through his paintings. It was a really good activity to do! And we also made some amazing photos!

Chris, Londres

It is quite an experience. The place is super cozy and we had a lot of fun there. Highly recommended!

Ana, Mérida

Amazing visit, the kids enjoyed it a lot. The effects, the colors… impressive, we loved it. And there were activities for the little ones.

Fernando, Alcalá de Henares

Very interesting to get to know the artist and his work better, it is magical and it kind of envelops you in the artist’s universe. Don’t miss it!

Eleanor, Zurich

An experience worth living, a look at art with today’s technologies that makes it different from the conventional approach.

Mikki, Malmo

We loved the museum, very pleasant staff and unbeatable facilities, looking forward to returning.

Tatiana, Málaga

REASONS to visit us 1,2,3…and more

There are lots more, but the team at Business Intelligence and Analytics Data for Experiential Marketing (impressive name, huh?–we made it up) told us that 7 are more than enough.


We activate a new PROMO…on art MONDAYS!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to visit us at the best price, every Monday ALL tickets with a 30% discount

Promotion valid until the end of Van Gogh’s World on 07/21

*Discount not applicable to VIP tickets

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Tuesdays will be the new FAMILY days at Nomad Museo!

Buy a ticket from any of the family packs* to visit us and one of the children gets in for free

Promotion valid until the end of Van Gogh’s World on 07/21

*Pack 1adult+1child excluded from the promotion

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Weekends are a matter of TWO at Nomad Museo!

Come visit us with your favorite person and you will get a digital impression of your iris as a gift.

Promotion valid until the end of Van Gogh’s World on 07/21

*Only valid with the purchase of 2 adult tickets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Welcome to a unique immersive experience!

Nomad Immersive Museum welcomes the exhibition The World of Van Gogh, a unique sensory experience where we can not only enjoy his works on a large scale and in motion, but we will witness how the universe of Van Gogh comes alive. A perfect fusion between the most advanced animation, aromas, music and narration in the first person.

Get ready to live an unforgettable multisensory experience in an exhibition where art and new technologies fuse, thus creating a new educational and emotional language, while entertaining and stimulating, in short, an unforgettable experience that brings art closer to all audiences .

For this we have used all the means at our disposal: from the most advanced animation to aromas, music and narration in the first person that will make us awaken our emotions and delight in this route through its great artistic legacy.

Enjoy feeling within the eternal starry night, see each of its many self -portraits face and pray in their infinite landscapes …

Thanks to this new didactic way to bring art closer to the public, both children and adults can vibrate with the color and details of Van Gogh’s work as never before, and feeling that they can move between universal works of art.

In short, a different way of spending a family or friends surrounded by art.

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Are you planning something special? A private party, a company event, a gala dinner or a presentation? Nomad Immersive Museum is a unique immersive space, fully adaptable to any type of event.

Contact us at events@nomadmuseo.es and we will help you make it a reality.


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