Okey…maybe we’re getting a bit carried away, but you can’t imagine how excited we are about this new project. We’ve done a few WOW ones before, but this is on another level.

We’d planned to give you a long speech, full of metaphors and artistic references, but then our marketing team saw on a social network that some guy called Confucius once said “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand”, so how about if we let you discover it for yourself and then you can tell us all about it?

We promise you one thing:


Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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It’s very unique, something that you won’t forget, you can relax watching the projection and the children will love it. Right in the heart of Gran Vía in Madrid. 100% recommended.

Montse, Madrid

A very original place. We really like immersive exhibitions and it was great to experience one in Madrid. Plus, the extra activities they have: virtual reality glasses, painting on the walls, etc., are amazing and make the visit more enjoyable. Very friendly and nice staff. Looking forward to seeing the next exhibition!

Iván, Madrid

We loved it! You sit in a large room with many bean bags and relax while watching a great audiovisual experience that tells you the artist’s story through his paintings. It was a really good activity to do! And we also made some amazing photos!

Chris, Londres

It is quite an experience. The place is super cozy and we had a lot of fun there. Highly recommended!

Ana, Mérida

Amazing visit, the kids enjoyed it a lot. The effects, the colors… impressive, we loved it. And there were activities for the little ones.

Fernando, Alcalá de Henares

Very interesting to get to know the artist and his work better, it is magical and it kind of envelops you in the artist’s universe. Don’t miss it!

Eleanor, Zurich

An experience worth living, a look at art with today’s technologies that makes it different from the conventional approach.

Mikki, Malmo

We loved the museum, very pleasant staff and unbeatable facilities, looking forward to returning.

Tatiana, Málaga

REASONS to visit us 1,2,3…and more

There are lots more, but the team at Business Intelligence and Analytics Data for Experiential Marketing (impressive name, huh?–we made it up) told us that 7 are more than enough.


At Nomad Immersive Museum, we have bet on bringing a fresh and original proposal this summer. After passing through Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Montreal, and Milan, The Spirit of Japan arrives in Spain for the first time, an extraordinary immersive art experience where we offer a contemplative journey through the most famous works of the great masters of Japanese prints, known for the Ukiyo-e artistic movement, which began in the 17th century and lasted for three centuries. An experience designed for all audiences that offers a new perspective on the great diversity, richness, and modernity of these works of art and their authors.

Once inside, the visitor immerses themselves in the Japan of the collective imagination, its landscapes and nature, its daily life, the Japan of geishas, samurais, and spirits, a Japan that no longer exists but still fascinates.

Each scene will be accompanied by an exquisite musical selection creating its own rhythm and atmosphere, highlighting pieces such as ‘La Mer’ by Claude Debussy, inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave, the frenetic rhythms of Japanese drums, as well as pieces by prominent contemporary Japanese composers such as Hiroshi Yoshimura and Takashi Yoshimatsu.

A sensory experience where evocative and poetic images invade the space and overwhelm visitors, creating a dynamic staging, like a journey through different moments via more than 400 artworks, enriched by a refined and immersive sound design.

Immerse yourself in this journey and discover the true spirit of Japan!

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